Ethan Eiler & Joe Reck - Citizens of Character (Youth)


Ethan Eiler and Joe Reck are a pair of young men who work together to make the world a better place. Together they founded Blank Tales, with the mission of helping homeless people in the Des Moines area.

Joe and Ethan anonymously interview members of the homeless community to share their stories. In doing so they increase awareness of the homeless problem and promote volunteerism. Their approach to writing and distributing Blank Tales demonstrates respect, caring, and citizenship.

Ethan treats everyone with the same degree of kindness. Many of his Saturdays are spent distributing items to the area’s homeless. He encourages his suburban friends to get involved and volunteer for good causes. While Joe maintains a full academic schedule, including AP classes and advanced orchestra, he also devotes time to visiting homeless camps around Des Moines and meeting with area aid organizations. Joe has said, “There is no better feeling than helping others.”

Ethan and Joe believe they can make this world a better place. Their sense of fairness is evident in one of the founding principles of Blank Tales - the lives of all people are equal.

Congratulations to Ethan Eiler and Joe Reck, the 2016 Youth Citizens of Character!