Frank Merz - Educator of Character


Frank Merz has spent a lifetime teaching in north central Iowa. If you’ve met him in his 61-year career, you may also know him as a coach, bus driver, advisor, mentor, confidant, and organizer of class parties. At 80 years old, Mr. Merz continues to be a positive influence in his community. Though he officially retired in 1997, he is still a substitute teacher.

Mr. Merz was fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful mentors who encouraged him to do his best. He pays those lessons forward by being a mentor to thousands of young people who have relied on his help to become the men and women they are today.

Mr. Merz listens and makes good, informed decisions. These traits make him someone who students turn to when they are in trouble or need someone to talk to. Over the years, and with his wife’s help, Mr. Merz built classrooms of caring. Together they created rewards to help students celebrate their accomplishments. Students can receive rewards such as baked goods, gift certificates, and items donated from area businesses.

Mr. Merz is the kind of citizen every community needs more of. Every day, in the classroom and in the community, he continues to set a positive example for everyone.Congratulations to Frank Merz, the 2016 Educator of Character!