Hank Bohling - Aaron Eilerts Community Service Award


Hank is a young man who truly epitomizes the spirit of community service. His involvement in his community and the world is inspiring. Among Hank’s many contributions, he organized the local Holiday Mail for Heroes project, securing local drop sites and working with limited resources to buy greeting cards and supplies. He used local media and church bulletins to enlist help from the community. He researched and received a grant to help with expenses. Hank hosted card-signing events with 4-H, churches, and civic organizations. In the seven years since starting the project, Hank has collected over 14,000 holiday greetings for distribution to veterans and troops around the world.

Hank organized some of his friends to revitalize a local recreation area. After securing three grants to help with funding, they completed the community improvement project and hosted a re-opening celebration. Since joining 4-H, Hank has organized and managed their concession stand at the Adair County Fair. Under Hank’s leadership the stand has grown and profited each year.

As an effective leader and a contributing member of his community and the larger society, Hank is truly having a positive impact in his community and the world. He is a great role model for us all.Congratulations to Hank Bohling, the 2016 Aaron Eilerts Community Service Award recipient!