Poyner Elementary - School of Character


The students and staff of Poyner Elementary, in the Waterloo Community School District, are great examples of what it means to be a School of Character.

Poyner students and staff are responsible and respectful. Student ambassadors take responsibility to help integrate students with disabilities into their classrooms. At Poyner, everyone is responsible for setting and achieving goals. The school recently won the Waterloo School District’s Swartzendruber Award for Academic Excellence with gains of 23 percent in reading, science and math scores.

The Poyner Elementary School cares for its community. One student-initiated project involved raising money to buy supplies for a girls’ school in Bangladesh. The school conducts various services activities to help families and community members, such as providing food baskets for needy families at Christmas.

The Poyner Elementary students and staff are an excellent example of how one school can have a significant impact in their community and beyond.

Congratulations to Poyner Elementary, the 2016 School of Character!