Train to Inspire - Business/Organization of Character


Train to Inspire is a non-profit organization started by trainer Joe Hogan that provides opportunities to socialize and have fun for people with special needs. Joe and his team demonstrate trustworthiness every day as they deliver on their promise to provide fun, safe activities for their participants.

Respect for others is at the core of how the Train to Inspire team operates. They work with peoples’ differences to prove to participants that they can do whatever they set their minds to.

By making athletic and social events available to Iowa’s special needs population, Train to Inspire makes sure that everyone gets to play. Activities like laser tag, paintball, and canvas painting are just a few of the ways the Train to Inspire team practices inclusion, empowerment, and encouragement.

Not only does Train to Inspire help people of all different abilities feel included through their many initiatives, but they also advocate for other causes, promoting Breast Cancer Awareness and Research, Autism Awareness, and more.

Congratulations to Train to Inspire, the 2016 Business/Organization of Character!