Lawmakers in King’s District Say Iowans Don’t Share His Views

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King Comments0.jpg

DES MOINES, Iowa -- State Lawmakers from Representative Steve King's Congressional District say the views expressed in his controversial tweet are not shared by Iowans.

"Congressman King’s views in no way represent those of Iowans. His comments this weekend go directly against the grain of the values of Iowans, regardless of if you're a Democrat, Republican, or otherwise, there is no place for bigoted comments like that in the public sphere," said State Representative Chris Hall, a Democrat from Sioux City.

"Nobody owns this country. Nobody owns this world and if you've been around at least through maybe elementary school, you understand that things don't remain the same, they've always changed," said State Representative Helen Miller, a Democrat from Fort Dodge.

State Representative Hall says as a legislator from Northwest Iowa, he talks with voters everyday who believe King's comments are exactly what is wrong with politics.

"Congressman King, for years, has been tiptoeing around the edges of provocative and racist or bigoted concepts, and I think that his most recent comments step over the line. They are clearly something that contends with overt white supremacy," said Representative Hall.

State Representative Miller says King's comments are terrible and offensive, but considering the current climate in the country, she's not sure he will face any consequences.

"We have a president who says anything that he wants to, and he basically says he could stand in the middle of the street in New York City and shoot somebody and nobody would do anything. I think that's where we are as a society," said Representative Miller.

Miller says diversity has made America great.

"This person (Rep. King) is supposed to represent all of us. How can he honestly represent all of us? He's only interested in people who look like, think like, and are like him," said Representative Miller. "But those people who send him back every two years I guess look like him, think like him, or think that he's offering them so much that they need to have him there, and until that changes I don't see anything happening."

WHO-TV Channel 13 News did reach out to Republican state lawmakers in King's district and other Congressional districts for reaction as well, but they declined to go on camera. One Republican, State Senator Mark Chelgren, who has been at the center of attention in recent weeks for his own controversy, said the only comment he would have for Congressman King is, "thanks for taking me off of the front page."