New Options To Help Combat Infertility

New Options To Help Combat Infertility
New Options To Help Combat Infertility

Infertility can be a deeply personal and painful struggle impacting more than 20 million women. But there are new options to help couples in the comfort of their own home.

Dr. Phillip Wise, M.D. FACS Urologic Consultants, says it is "Artificial Insemination for Dummies."

"It is pretty simple," says Wise.

The Conception Kit by Conceivex: it is FDA cleared, drug and hormone free, and a lot cheaper than other infertility treatments. According to Michael La Vean, otherwise known as the "Kit Creator."

"If you have to mortgage your house for one shot of IVF, it is like being in the Atlantic on a lifeboat and you have one flare left," says La Vean, President of Conceivex.

According to La Vean, a single cycle of "in vitro fertilization" costs more than $12,000 on average. It's not always covered by insurance. The cost of egg freezing and storage could reach the same costs.

"I know a lot of people trying to get pregnant and there was no first step, so you basically go directly to IVF. It would be the same as if you had a headache, and you go directly to get an MRI instead of taking aspirin," said La Vean.

La Vean is hoping couples see his product as that first step, adding that when it comes to infertility, sometimes it circles back to the man and their sperm count.

"In World War II, sperm counts were normally 200 million for the average. Today, sperm counts are only 50 million."

Dr. Phillip Wise says a lot of other things can factor in too. "Some of them had to do with life style. For instance, if they are heavily drinking, if they are smoking, if they are using any tobacco products, if they are doing any recreation drugs: it causes a reduction in sperm count."

How can this take home conception kit help? The tools in the kit help create an ideal environment for pregnancy. In the simplest of terms, the kit protects the semen. The conception kit includes several aids including a three month's supply of ovulation, predictors, and pregnancy tests.

"We have a much better sperm sample because they are gathered through sex," says La Vean. "The other thing that's important in that is clearly there is a lot less stress if you didn't mortgage your house."

The FDA has tested and approved the product. During the trials, twenty four percent of patients did become pregnant.