Waukee Teenager Cancer-Free After Battling Rare Cancer

Waukee Teenager Cancer-Free After Battling Rare Cancer
Waukee Teenager Cancer-Free After Battling Rare Cancer

WAUKEE, Iowa -- Eighteen-year-old Jordan Allen is back to feeling like herself again.

“It was really big for me because a company was like, 'who cares if she’s sick. We’re going to give her the benefit of the doubt and see what she can do,'” she says.

For the last two weeks, Allen has started working a few shifts at Des Moines’ popular t-shirt shop Raygun. It's a way to keep her busy after finishing her sixth and final round of chemotherapy. Last week doctors said her stage four Non-Hodgkin Burkitt’s lymphoma is in remission.

“I just sat there and I started crying. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear,” smiled Allen.

For the last five months, Allen has been very public about the good and the bad of her battle with cancer.

During her third round of chemo in December, Allen posted an emotional video to YouTube, explaining how the diagnosis impacted her entire family.

“I didn’t ask for the pain, none of us do. It’s not like we ask for cancer, but it is what is and we just have to deal with it," she said.

Allen says her cancer journey was mostly positive and that she learned a lot about herself, picked up new hobbies, and learned how to love her new look post-chemotherapy.

“I can do the short hair and I'm probably going to keep the short hair because now my showers are only 5 minutes long and I like that,” Allen laughs.

Allen is looking forward to what’s next in store, planning to re-enroll at the University of Northern Iowa after having to drop out in the fall following her diagnosis. She says appearing as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show--a social media campaign she launched last year--seems unlikely, but a trip to see the show in April is in the works.

Doctors credit Allen’s age for one of the main reasons she beat cancer; however, they will continue to monitor her in the months and years ahead for any reoccurring tumors.