Bible and Brew: SC Bible study group talks faith with booze

Bible and Brew: SC Bible study group talks faith with booze. (WACH)

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WACH) - Thanks to a movement taken on by several local churches, Bible study has taken on a whole new meaning.

At the Krafty Draft Pub in Lexington, members of the Pisgah Lutheran Church meet every Tuesday for "Bible and Brew." The congregation discusses the good word over glasses of wine and beer.

The pastor, Stephen Mims, says it's a way to literally be the hands and feet of Christ.

"God became flesh and came to where we are," said Mims. "And that's what the church is supposed to be. It's not about the building and the four walls and staying inside. It's about getting out into the world."

The group studied the Book of Romans, written by the apostle Paul who traveled around preaching the good news. To Mims, it's symbolic.

"Jesus says over and over again, 'Go! Go out there. Go to where the people are,'" said Mims.

The owner of the Krafty Draft, Mary Roberts, says the group choosing to meet in her bar carries a personal meaning for her.

"My father was a minister, my brother ... my grandfather," said Roberts. "I think this is a great outreach for those maybe too shy to walk into a church. I think my dad would be proud."

But not everyone approves of the idea. Some have criticized it, saying alcohol and the Bible are not an appropriate mixture.

"Bible study is accepted everywhere," said Mims. "It's usually the church people that usually have a problem. But I accept if people don't agree; I don't want to compromise anyone else's religion. But I see nothing wrong with it."

There's also Bible and Brew Tuesday morning at the church, except with coffee.

The idea is taking off in the Midlands. Roberts says she has already been contacted by another church for a similar concept on Wednesday evenings.