A Closer Look Into At-Home DNA Testing

A Closer Look Into At-Home DNA Testing
A Closer Look Into At-Home DNA Testing

You spit into a tube and send it back to a company. A few weeks later, you'll get back information about yourself and your ethnicity, even possible health risks.

Although it might seem like a great opportunity, the issue of at-home DNA tests might not be as simple as it seems.

Kyle Kuhlman spends countless hours sifting through old family photos and documents -- all in an effort to trace his family history.

"I was always curious. Like who is who? How am I related to that person?" Kuhlman said.

A couple years ago, some of Kuhlman's questions were answered. He took an at-home DNA test through

His results weren't exactly what he expected.

"The family story there was, 'Oh, we're Irish.' When I got the DNA results back, it actually had like 6% Irish, but a ton was from the British Isles," Kuhlman said.

Kuhlman is like many people, eager to discover more about their heritage. But there's one thing he wasn't prepared for -- loss of privacy.

"My DNA is out there, and with that, anything that comes about from what they might do could be used through that service," Kuhlman said.

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