A Closer Look at Holistic Healthcare

A Closer Look at Holistic Healthcare
A Closer Look at Holistic Healthcare

Andrea Knutter had a slew of health problems over the last few years. Conventional treatments weren't working for her.

"I would see my regular doctor, and he would prescribe medication and send me on my way," she said. "And I didn't feel like it was addressing the underlying reason for what was going on there."

Knutter went to Premier Integrative Health in the River Market with a list of health concerns about five months ago.

Dr. Bradley Dyer and his team, which includes a nutritionist and a health coach, made a total mind and body plan for her. Dyer got into holistic medicine when he was practicing conventional medicine at a hospital.

"What I was seeing was a lot of the people who were coming in were coming in for the same things over and over again," Dyer said. "And the medications may help them get out of the hospital and even improve their numbers -- but it didn't really change the trajectory of their disease."

Dyer focuses on getting to the root cause of a health problem.

"I tell patients, our goal isn't to treat a disease. It's to create health," Dyer said.

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