Ankeny Couple Speak Out After Assault and Burglary, Suspects At Large

Ankeny Couple Speak Out After Assault and Burglary, Suspects At Large
Ankeny Couple Speak Out After Assault and Burglary, Suspects At Large

ANKENY, Iowa -- Ankeny Police are looking to find the last suspect in an assault and burglary.

It happened late last week at the Prairie Point Student Living complex near the DMACC Ankeny Campus.

Ankeny Police say over the past six months officers have responded to the complex 105 times, the most recent assault and burglary left a young couple scared to return home.

“Our neighbors decided they wanted to throw a party,” Grayson Sinning said.

Sinning and his fiancé Olivia live next door, and the party was keeping them up.

Rather than call police the couple knocked on the neighbor's door asking them to keep it down but the noise didn't stop.

“We go out there three times to warn them hey, we are trying to all sleep like it's 1 o'clock in the morning is this necessary," Sinning said.

After asking three times, Sinning says the situation took a turn.

Suspects in the case.

“They kicked in the door the trim just came flying off and at that point we don`t have any defense so now we`re trying to grab weapons and things to defend ourselves,” Sinning said.

They didn't have time to reach a weapon before the five suspects stormed inside the apartment, attacking Sinning and his fiancé.

“I have six staples in my head now from being blindsided, I also have my two scrapes here on my head for being kicked to the ground,” Sinning said.

Sinning's fiancé was injured too.

“They grabbed my neck and held my head down and started kicking me so I have some bruising on the back of my head, and they kicked me in the face and I almost lost three of my teeth," Olivia McNulty said.

The suspects left the complex after the assault.

Sinning says he won't feel safe until the suspects are finally in custody.

Again, police have identified four of the suspects and no one is in custody.

DMACC Ankeny says even though this is advertised as student living the college does not own the property.

A company called Haverkamp Properties out of Ames does.

The company wasn't able to say if there was security onsite but did say there were surveillance cameras.