Businesses Bring Craft Whiskey to Iowans and Beyond

Businesses Bring Craft Whiskey to Iowans and Beyond
Businesses Bring Craft Whiskey to Iowans and Beyond

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – Whiskey seems to be having a moment in Iowa, especially when it comes to craft spirits.

"People are looking for a lot of refined flavors nowadays," said Greg Biagi, Crafter of Fine Spirits at The Foundry Distilling Company.

“Whiskey has had a great run, and it's continuing to be very popular," added Scott Bush.

He opened The Foundry Distilling Company in Valley Junction last year. "My great grandfather was originally from Templeton, and that's the reason I started Templeton Rye, but I've really enjoyed the process of whiskey making. I think it's really cool to try all the different types, and I wanted to build a world class facility right here."

A fermentation engineer and chemist are on staff to help groups make their own whiskey through the private barrel program. The distillery recently launched its first whiskey. "The Foundry Corn Whiskey has been sitting in used Templeton barrels for 10 years," said Bush.

"I haven't been a whiskey fan my whole life," said Dannie Strable. He only recently developed a love for the drink when he started hearing the stories behind the bourbon. "More and more people are starting to learn and want to know where their stuff comes from. That's really what's awesome about craft whiskey," said Strable.

That's why he founded RackHouse Whiskey Club. It's a subscription service based in Des Moines that ships hard to find, premium craft whiskey to members in 39 states.

"We believe every whiskey tells a story," said Strable. "We started focusing on the story and putting all that together in a box so people could learn about the brand, the heritage, the history, behind a small business owner that could be right down the street from you."

The RackHouse Whiskey Club’s Christmas box features Bardstown Bourbon, with glasses from the distillery, and bottles autographed by Distiller Steve Nally. It needs to be ordered by December 10th to be delivered in time for the holiday.

You can find The Foundry Corn Whiskey at local retailers and at the location in West Des Moines.