Community Doing All it Can to Help Find Mollie

Community Doing All it Can to Help Find Mollie
Community Doing All it Can to Help Find Mollie

BROOKLYN, Iowa-- It's now been 19 days since Mollie Tibbetts disappeared after going for a run in the town of Brooklyn. There's been no sign of her since, but that isn't stopping Brooklyn residents from doing all they can to find her.

Joy Vanlandshoot and volunteers have generated thousands of t-shirts, buttons and signs at Live Now Design in Brooklyn hoping their efforts will turn into a promising lead.

“You wake up thinking about Mollie you try all day and you go to sleep thinking about Mollie," owner of Live Now Design Joy Vanlandershoot said,

More than two weeks after Mollie Tibbertts disappearance volunteers are still hard at work making and delivering 'Missing Mollie' signs.

“Mollie would be doing it for us she would not be giving up for us it’s just what our community does," Sarah Alexander said.

Some volunteers like Sarah Alexander have put in seventeen-hour days, she says it’s worth it.

“You just never know the slightest little tip can help," Alexander said.

The sings are being shipped clear across the world.

“Shirts have been sent as far as the Middle East we know that her story has gone to so many countries, UK, Western Australia, Spain, Denmark, very broad," Vanlandshoot said.

Volunteers say their efforts won’t stop, until Mollie is brought home.

“We are going to keep getting her face out there we just have to keep sharing and passing out flyers,” Alexander said.