DMPS Students March at State Capitol to End Detention Camps

DMPS Students March at State Capitol to End Detention Camps
DMPS Students March at State Capitol to End Detention Camps

DES MONIES, Iowa – Des Moines Public School students marched to the Iowa State Capitol Tuesday.

Around 40 students and three teachers from East High School rallied together to listen and share personal stories about the country’s immigration reform and the end of detention camps.

Andy Montalvo Martinez, a member of Students Against Camps, said, “Immigration reform should be easier. There’s no reason that many asylum seekers are coming to the U.S. and having trouble doing it and being put in so many inhumane conditions.”

The organization brings awareness to immigration issues and how it affects community members in the state each day.

“It’s really personal. I love them and words cannot explain how it is to know that when you talk to them it could be the last time you are talking to them,” Martinez said.

East High School senior Selene Sanchez read a poem about the struggles her family faces each day.

“It’s very personal. For example, in the poem, I had mentioned at the end how I am fearful that the last time I will see my dad will be the last time I see him. He could go into Walmart, he could go into any gas station and you just never know what to expect now,” Sanchez said.

Students Against Camps delivered a letter to Governor Kim Reynolds about why the issue should be addressed in Iowa.

East High School special education teacher Megan Geha said, “We are known for welcoming immigrants here. We do have a large Latinx population. They have helped build this country, build what’s going on here. Why not us take a stand?”

Martinez said the organization will continue to bring awareness to immigration issues and hopes presidential candidates bring awareness to the topic.