Experts Weigh in on Summer Activities During Pandemic

Experts Weigh in on Summer Activities During Pandemic
Experts Weigh in on Summer Activities During Pandemic

DES MOINES, Iowa – As the weather continues to heat up outside, experts are breaking down new concerns people may have during the pandemic.

UnityPoint Health Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Rossana Rosa said it is good for people to get out in the nice weather and practice social distancing.

“If you are outdoors and think you won’t be able to distance, then wearing a face shield or face mask is a safe way to be outdoors,” Rosa said.

Des Moines parent Bert Knapp said this summer is different than in the past when trying to entertain his children.

“I came to the park to just try to see what’s going on, what it would be like to bring my kids, see who is social distancing, who is wearing masks, who is not,” Knapp said.

Rosa said it can be difficult to social distance while at a playground.

“Playgrounds I would say are probably a little bit more chaotic in terms of the kids running around from each other. They’re touching their noses, they’re touching their mouths and touching the air. It becomes very difficult to tell the kid don’t touch your face,” Rosa said.

Select spraygrounds have opened up to the public in Des Moines with restrictions.

Rosa said taking the kids to pools can be tricky because of respiratory droplets.

“If some of those droplets land in the pool, that’s fine. But if you’re close to other people and your yelling, you’re playing with a ball, you’re screaming, then those droplets are going to land in your face. Doesn’t matter if you get splashed with chlorine. If they land in your nose, in your eyes, then that’s it,” Rosa said.

People are still recommended to wear face shields and masks to protect themselves.