Hope Ministries Delivers Record Number of Meals on Christmas Day

Hope Ministries Delivers Record Number of Meals on Christmas Day
Hope Ministries Delivers Record Number of Meals on Christmas Day

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Hope Ministries delivered thousands of Christmas meals to Iowans on Christmas Day.

Hope Ministries volunteers packaged more than 2,300 meals with care and delivered each one to homes across the metro just in time for Christmas dinner.

“This is a new record for us for Christmas last year we were probably closer to 2,200 and this year we are going to be over 2,300 for deliveries and then, of course, we serve meals about 15,000 meals a month every month of the year but this is one of our higher years for the delivery this year,” Fred Hollister, with Hope Ministries, said.

Linda Schug says she’s volunteered on Christmas for the last five years.

“Because it just uplifts you to know that you’re helping other people that’s just always better I think to give than to receive. You appreciate what others don’t have and what you do have,” Schug said.

About 200 volunteers make up the assembly line between the cooks and those packaging to the delivery drivers who pack their cars to the brim.

“It’s like a big happy family you know you just get to know other people and you’re working beside them and you hear their stories and you get to share yours and yeah it’s all good,” Schug said.

At the end of the day, volunteers said this one meal means more to the person receiving it than many will ever know.

“I think it gives them hope and joy there’s a lot in our community that don’t have food on Christmas day and we’ve been blessed and I’m thankful that we can do this and they can have a meal,” Schug said.

Those who deliver said that moment when they hand someone their Christmas dinner is special for those who don’t get to spend time with loved ones.

“We have folks that this is maybe their only Christmas meal they don’t have family or they don’t have folks that they can go visit so we’re able to deliver to them and be like a community family for them,” Hollister said.

To donate or volunteer with Hope Ministries you can visit their website.