Indianola Man Saves Neighbors From House Fire

Indianola Man Saves Neighbors From House Fire
Indianola Man Saves Neighbors From House Fire

WARREN COUNTY, Iowa-- An Indianola couple is recovering after a fire last week destroyed their home.

They weren't left with much, but it could have been even worse.

Gary Webster neighbor passing by stepped into help.

“I was going to the gym on Friday morning,” Gary Webster said.

Last Friday morning Webster skipped the gym.

“Saw about two-foot-high flames coming out of the garage roof, and the kitchen roof," Webster said.

Webster who lives nearby was quick to act.

“I just ran up there and I start banging on the door and waiting for them to come out, the longer it took the harder I started banging,” Webster said. “I told Kevin man your house is on fire".

The flames were coming out of Kevin and Missy Barr's home.

Indianola Fire Department responded and extinguished the flames, but it was Webster's alert that saved their lives.

“It’s getting bigger and bigger and melting the siding off the house and taking over," Webster said.

Webster said this morning he was running late now looking back he is glad he was.

“I just happened to be at that place at that particular instinct," Webster said. “At that time of the morning it was pretty dark, and I don’t know if anyone would have seen the smoke," Webster said.

While some call it luck the Barr’s’ call Webster their hero.

Indianola Fire says the cause is under investigation but Webster thinks it was electrical.