Metro Youth Make Progress With YSS's Help

DES MOINES, Iowa-- Youth Shelter and Services helps more than 600 metro youths a year.

One of those benefiting from the organization is 20-year-old Donte James. Thursday, James had his first ever job interview.

The interview was arranged by Connect 2 Careers, it’s a program that provides youths with interview clothes, vocational services, and job training.

The program is housed at Youth Shelter and Services, and aims to help young people like James get their lives back on track.

“I came here in 2016. I was homeless, sleeping at parks, sleeping in cars, sleeping at a friend’s house and I didn't like it,” James said.

Two years later, James still lives at the downtown Des Moines YSS Shelter. He says with YSS' help he now he has the confidence to take on new challenges.

“I just got hired with UPS today, and I am happy for it,” James said.

Not everyone left the interview with a job, but they say they took away valuable life skills.

“They taught you how to be a professional not just the way you talk but the way you act," Joseph Behan said.

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