Mobile Sports App in Iowa

Mobile Sports App in Iowa
Mobile Sports App in Iowa

Since it was legalized, sports betting has become a source of tax revenue for the state of Iowa, with much of it generated via mobile devices. But does mobile sports gambling enable addicts?

Mobile sports gambling is also underway in Indiana. Mobile apps are expected to provide 90 percent of the state’s sports betting income.

Statistically, 95 percent of people won’t become addicted when they gamble. However, some do fear the convenience of doing it on your phone may make this addiction easier to hide.

“People still are really hesitant to come forward," said Christina Gray, the Executive Director of the Indiana Council on Problem Gambling. "It’s kind of a silent addiction.”

The Indiana Council on Problem Gambling won’t take a stance on the new law.

“We stay neutral on all gambling because like, for most people it’s their entertainment,” said Gray.

For those who do develop an addiction, the state is giving 3.33 percent of the sports betting tax to an addiction services fund. The council isn’t sure that’s enough.

“We’ll see, time will tell," said Gray. "But I think more could be set aside simply because of that 3.33% only 25 percent of that is actually guaranteed to go toward problem gambling.”

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