Polk County Voters Say No to Sales Tax Increase

Polk County Voters Say No to Sales Tax Increase
Polk County Voters Say No to Sales Tax Increase

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- "My family currently lives here in West Des Moines and we utilize the schools and the parks and the Junction and it's just, I think it's all positive," said Tracey Wilkerson. Wilkerson voted for the Local Option Sales and Services Tax because she wanted to do her part to see that positivity continue.

"I want to keep providing all the opportunities I can for great parks and great venues around the city," said Wilkerson.

Larry Early also voted for the one cent local sales tax because he feels the same way as Wilkerson does.

"I`m all for individuals getting out," said Early. "Enjoying the recreational trails and everything that the city has to offer away from TV, get outside and enjoy life," said Early. “I see a lot of pros with the plans."

The City of West Des Moines planned to use 50% of the 6.9 million dollars in revenue it would have received from the tax and applied it directly to the construction of public parks, sports and recreational facilities and trails; public infrastructure construction; public safety expenditures; and public library uses.

The City wanted to use some of that money to build a Boathouse at Raccoon River Park.

But clearly, not everybody's on board with the idea of raising taxes.

"I don't see the benefits in it," said Sheila Stander. Stander voted no on increasing the sales tax from 6 to 7 cents.

"I don't think that it should be raised," said Stander.