Puppet Show Addresses Bullying at Wizard World Comic Con

GRIMES, Iowa -- The Wizard World Comic Con is coming to Des Moines this weekend, and it's a homecoming for an act that can be found in the Kids Zone.

Kevin and Amy Coble started Jester Puppets five years ago in the Des Moines area. Last year, they started traveling the country for Wizard World Comic Con.

"It consists some of our heroes, Captain Obvious, Mr. Oblivious, and we have our antagonist, Dougie, who pics on another little boy named Dylan, calls him Pizza Boy," said Amy.

The show, which started as a summer reading program for area libraries, addresses bullying.

Kevin said, "You hear a few stories from librarians about kids they've known since they were little that are basically so upset that some of them have taken their own lives."

The program is called H.E.R.O.s, which stands for honesty, enthusiasm, respect, and optimism.

"Why we chose superheroes was to kind of empower kids into believing they can make a difference, too, and it's not just about being picked on or picking on someone else. It's about helping others that are in that situation," said Kevin.

In addition to Wizard World Comic Con, Jester Puppets performs 60 shows a summer at area libraries.

"There is a need out there for the anti-bullying program because kids need to learn how to cope with these situations and they need to learn how to help others in those situations, too," said Amy.

The Jester Puppets schedule can be found on the group's Facebook Page.