Victim of 'Racially Charged' Assault Speaks Out

Victim of 'Racially Charged' Assault Speaks Out
Victim of 'Racially Charged' Assault Speaks Out

DES MOINES, Iowa — A brutal assault left 22-year-old DarQuan Jones with serious injuries after he was attacked while walking to visit his girlfriend early Saturday morning. In a press conference held by the Des Moines NAACP, Darquan addressed the public for the first time since his assault.

DarQuan suffered multiple facial fractures, a broken nose and a broken arm. The NAACP and DarQuan’s family is calling the attack racially motivated after court records indicated racial slurs were said by at least one of the attackers — all described as white males.

“I just want to know why did it have to be this brutal, why did it have to go this far? Where my life was almost taken? Like why?” said DarQuan.

DarQuan’s father, Daryl Jones Jr, describes his son as a hard worker who loves to cook and is present in his community.

“To know him is to love him,” said Daryl. “That’s why I think the community loves him because he’s been around.”

DarQuan had been a part of the essential workforce through COVID-19 as a material handler at O’Reilly Auto Parts. Now because of his injuries, he cannot work. With medical bills looming in the future, he’s hoping to return to work soon.

“It’s going to be tough. I’m into a routine. Get up and get to work and then be at work all day and then get off go home and go to sleep. Now I can’t do that,” said DarQuan.

“That’s the sad part about it. He’s got a bill, a major bill. He can’t work because things that happened that didn’t need to go this far,” said Daryl.

A Cash App fund has been established for DarQuan to help with upcoming expenses. It’s something that completely caught him off guard, not knowing he would receive so much support from the community.

“All the love and support that I’m getting really means a lot. If I could give it all back, I would. I’m just working on getting healed up and just getting myself together,” said DarQuan.

Des Moines police say at this time they do not have any information they can share with the public. They are still urging people to call Crime Stoppers with any information.

To donate to DarQuan’s Cash App, search the username: $Quan314Jones