Waukee Man Runs in Support of the Wounded Warrior Project

Waukee Man Runs in Support of the Wounded Warrior Project
Waukee Man Runs in Support of the Wounded Warrior Project

WAUKEE, Iowa -- Bruce Huckfeldt has been running competitively for about five years, finishing in the top ten 44 times out of the 69 races he has run in. He decided he wanted to set a new goal for himself, but he didn’t know what.

“I was looking out at the street and I'm like 'man I wonder how many streets are in Waukee,'” said Huckfeldt.

There are 313, and Huckfeldt set out to run each one during the month of November.

“After I decided that I would run all the streets, I thought maybe I could do it for charity,” said Huckfeldt.

His close connection to the military led him to choose the Wounded Warrior Project.

“Some of my best friends were in the military, and I know how much help they need when they come back home,” said Huckfeldt. “You know, war is tough on the veterans and even more tough on the soldiers who are injured in battle."

Huckfeldt set a fundraising goal of $5,000, and through tremendous support in the community, he was able to reach it by the middle of November.

“I couldn't believe it. We were just sitting on the couch one day and that $100 anonymous donation came in, and that put us over the $5,000 limit. It was nerve racking setting a goal that high and you know like, who's going to donate and money kept pouring in daily, and it was great,” said Huckfeldt.

So far he has completed over 200 miles this month, with just six left to complete his challenge. He says it hasn’t been easy. Some days he runs two to three times a day during his free time to stay on track, but he said it is definitely worth it.

“Holding that American flag -- the red, white, and blue every day -- shows the patriotism be proud of where you’re from. Be proud of your country, support local veterans, foreign veterans, all of them. Make sure you take care of those guys. They're the ones that needed the most,” said Huckfeldt.

To donate to the Waukee Warrior Run click here.