Put a whole new spin on finger foods with this scented-nail polish collection

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 10.02.27 AM.png
Sinful Colors' "Sweet and Salty Collection" Taco Tuesday scent. (Photo: Walmart, SinfulColors via CNN Newsource)

WASHINGTON (SBG) — A new food-scented nail polish collection will have you licking your lips and maybe your fingers, too.

Sinful Colors' "Sweet and Salty Collection" will have you smelling like your favorite snack.

With a price tag of just $3 each, you can try scents ranging from cake to tacos. The polish comes in three sweet scents: Chocolate Cake, Cookies & Cream and Donut. The salty scents are the following: Cheese Puff, Pizza Party and Taco Tuesday.

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You can find the collection exclusively at Walmart and some reviewers say the polish actually smells good.